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TATA ClassEdge announces launch of new Self-Study App Studi ‘Better Planning Leads to Better Learning’

TCE is currently in its 10th year of operations and its classroom solution is present in around 2000 schools and is being used by 1,50,000 teachers and 1.7 million students across India

Tata ClassEdge (TCE), a division of Tata Industries, was the first EdTech organization in India to provide textbook-mapped content to Indian schools that were affiliated to the national and state boards. TCE is currently in its 10th year of operations and its classroom solution is present in around 2000 schools and is being used by 1,50,000 teachers and 1.7 million students across India.

TCE has now launched Studi with Tata ClassEdge, a direct-to-students learning solution, with a focus on planning, practice and concept mastery. Mr Milind Shahane, CEO, TCE, commented “Studi has been designed to develop independent learners. Therefore, it focuses not just on what to study but how to study.”

Echoing Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Studi’s learning methods are built on the seven habits of independent learners. These include setting learning goals, understanding the big idea, revising, practicing, spacing practice sessions, testing and tracking progress.

“We want to enable students to plan and schedule their studies across different subjects, learn systematically instead of cramming and rote-learning and use effective study strategies to confidently face exams,” says Mr Shahane, “There’s a science behind effective learning and Studi packs in some of the best principles from this science,” he adds.

One of the key differentiators of Studi is its Adaptive Planner. Explains Mr Shahane, “How much time should a child spend on a subject? How should he prepare for an upcoming class test? Which topics does the child need to pay more attention to? Through the Adaptive Planner, we address these questions, and set the child on an efficient study path to achieve his learning goals.”

Another distinguishing feature is what the app refers to as the Big Idea. Essentially, it’s a short video at the beginning of every chapter that captures the main idea of the whole lesson. Says Mr Shahane “When asked to study something, almost every child is likely to ask, “Why should I learn this?” or “How does it matter?” The Big Idea provides the answer every time and the children love it.”

Also, the practice sessions are not just a one-time instance at the end of every topic. They are spaced and repeated after each week so that children retain the concepts thoroughly. In addition to practice, self-tests are provided at periodic intervals to help gauge the confidence level of children at every step.

Studi with Tata ClassEdge was piloted for four months starting from October 2020 among 5000 students from 10 schools where TCE already has a presence. “We received some amazing feedback from teachers, students and parents. Our dream was to create a unique learning solution that helps improve children’s learning skill. Even the new National Education Policy talks about learning how to learn.” says Mr Shahane.

Studi is available both as an app and a web-based solution.


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